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Paris. Someday my friend (Paris, un jour mon ami)

Paris. Someday my friend (Paris, un jour mon ami)

Paris Has Fallen Don't cry for me wife and I were scheduled to arrive in Paris today. We were going there to help someone on a project using my photography and my wife's design skills. However, the host had to cancel the trip due to their illness - many...

Why Write?

Why Write?

The Story Behind This Image Why write Some time ago I took three trips to Carriacou, Grenada that changed me forever. It wasn't about nearly being electrocuted in the shower, but what happened when I returned. It was a mission’s trip, and every time the group of guys...

Some Key Posts

These posts I have hand selected as ones I think you should read.

Some of these are links to other blogs and YouTube travel gurus.

Coming soon…..

I will soon be posting my gear list of what I use to get great images and video on my travels.

Packing tips you should consider.

If you were going to travel the world and live out of a suitcase you would quickly get rid of the junk. Kara and Nate are a couple who are doing that as travel vloggers (full-time travelers – yes that is a thing.)

I have my opinions but I am working on that article so until then…enjoy their blog post and subscribe to their channel.