Paris Has Fallen

Don’t cry for me America…my wife and I were scheduled to arrive in Paris today.  We were going there to help someone on a project using my photography and my wife’s design skills.  However, the host had to cancel the trip due to their illness – many prayers for them.

So I wanted to write on what I missed out on… not because I am bitter, but it might help you when you are planning a trip to Europe.

There are Seriously Affordable Flights

Check out WOW air if you are willing to take less luggage (it is the international equivalent of Spirit).

Check out as well for booking.

Regardless fly to other cities for less.  Check the following:

  • Amsterdam
  • Brussels
  • Turkish Airlines through Istanbul (you get a free night there)

We even got a great rate on a Delta flight to Paris.


Car Rental

Gas prices there are not for the faint of heart but car rental is super affordable.  Don’t drive in the big cities, but do consider renting and driving the countryside.

Trains in Europe are NOT Amtrak

Amtrak has to be one of the worst travel experiences – as well as expensive.  However, in Europe riding the train can be amazingly affordable (book in advance and get rates that defy the imagination – like $20-30 for a cross country ticket.)

Just Go

You cannot wait.  Plan now. Go soon.

I hear so many say all the time “I hope to go when…..”

Take the kids and go now.  We are considering a trip over spring break.  If you want to go WITH us on a trip email us directly.


You can follow the journey right here.